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Jamila Lyiscott aka, Dr. J, is an aspiring way-maker, a community-engaged scholar, nationally renowned speaker, and the author of Black Appetite. White Food: Issues of Race, Voice, and Justice Within and Beyond the Classroom. She currently serves as a Tenured Professor of Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she is the co-founder and co-director of the Center of Racial Justice and Youth Engaged Research. Dr. J is most well known for being featured on TED.com where her video, ‘3 Ways to Speak English,’ has been viewed over 5 million times. She has delivered keynotes and workshops at 100s of institutions throughout the nation where she works closely with youth, educators, and communities towards racial healing, equity, and justice

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"I felt our session was a source of refuge...each of us in a safe place, where one could be vulnerable, share, but not be judged in this ongoing journey of attempting to deepen one's understanding of race and equity, both personally and how we carry that to our day to day, at work, in public, families, institutions we're a part of."
It was such a powerful experience—the best workshop I've attended in my academic career. I know I'll be revisiting my notes each time I prep a class, and I'll return to this experience as I enter my classrooms, coach faculty members in my department, sit in meetings with the administration. Ten Writing faculty members were in attendance, and many of them have since emailed/texted me to say how much they got out of being there. Clearly, the workshop was inspiring, and I believe, if we work hard enough and together, it could further real change at this institution. I only wish the entire University faculty and administration could have been there.
English Professor
"Dr. J's presentation and discussion was both necessary and timely, especially in this sociopolitical moment. Dr. J was able to speak to this moment and offer concrete strategies for how we, as educators and/or students, might continue to confront and combat racist language practices."
English Instructor

Black Appetite. White Food. Invites educators to explore the nuanced manifestations of white privilege as it exists within and beyond the classroom. Renowned speaker and author Jamila Lyiscott provides ideas and tools that teachers, school leaders, and professors can use for awareness, inspiration, and action around racial injustice and inequity.

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