Body on the Cross. Body on the Ground.

Body on the Cross. Body on the Ground.


Even as we undertake the task of defending our community from outside harm

The task of both immediately and sustainably addressing the continued abuses against Black bodies

We are at the same time calling on Black America to undertake the internal healing work of connecting faith and justice.


Within a legacy of deep connections between Black movements and the Black church we ask

What ground can faith stand on in the absence of justice?

And what vision of justice can be realized without a foundation forged in faith?

Black lives matter means that while we have the courageous audacity to demand all types of freedom

We know that the power we need is between us

That all forms of Black lives must be centered and nourished to the point of fullest potential

So as we wrestle with continued efforts to colonize our minds

And with a legacy of structures meant to restrict and abuse our bodies

We understand how the urgency for freedom means that we address the souls of Black folk


When Jesus rose from the grave

After a life under the structural inequity of Roman oppression

And after a long night of bodily torture

Extended across a crucifix that symbolized the corrupted power of a blinded empire

He showed himself to His disciples

I imagine the power it took to raise Him was powerful enough to heal His scars

But He rose with every hole, every wound, every scar that tried to keep Him down

As if to invite us to know that even our wounds have no power to keep us down in the face of injustice!



This here moment that we are molding into a movement

This here rage, and passion, and protest

These questions filling the eyes of our children

This body on the ground (4.5 times)

This asphyxiation with aims to stifle the breath out of a Diaspora

This propaganda plastered across your plasma screens

This real, visceral, tangible, toxic pain that haunts America like a phantom limb

This sad sad 21st century moment where we actually have to articulate the fact that Black Lives Matter

Is a necessary component in the formula of our victory

Like the key ingredient for any recipe,

Greatness is impossible without the potency of struggle


And so as we take this moment to acknowledge the hurt of Black pain in the face the heinous ideologies

that undergird the very fabric of our nation

We take it with the acknowledgment that the trials of our people

Have always been just for a moment before we RAISE UP in our movement towards justice!


-Jamila J.  Lyiscott


  • 15 Dec, 2014
  • Posted by Jamila Lyiscott
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