25 Aug2016

3 Ways to Use Liberation Literacies in Your Classroom this Fall

Students: “Miss, we can’t be speakin’ in class like we speak in the hood. We leave that stuff at…

30 Apr2015

Black. Hunting Season.

You. With your pants sagging

Lower than our hope in any American dream

I love you.

You. With your loud ratchet self….

17 Mar2015

Saturday, March 28: Keynote @ National Council of Negro Women

Women’s History Month program, Keynote topic: “From Paper to Pavement” (New York, NY)

17 Mar2015

Saturday, March 21st: Keynote @ NYCoRE Conference

Keynote presenter at 2015 NY Collective of Radical Educators Conference (New York, NY)

10 Feb2015

Feb 20th: Seven Last Words: Strange Fruit Speaks @ Riverside Church

Featured panelist after 7:00pm service (live webcast @ trcnyc.org)

10 Feb2015

7 Last Words: Strange Fruit Speaks Panelist @ The Riverside Church (Feb 20 @ 7pm)

Jamila Lyiscott will be speaking on the post-service panel

Black Freedom Movement Panelist @ Medgar Evers College (Feb 11 @11:30am)

Feb 11th: Black Freedom Movement Panelist @ Medgar Evers College

Doors open @ 11:30am: Featuring Jamilah Lemieux, Nyle Fort, Rahiel Tesfamariam, Imani Henry, Jamila Lyiscott, Darnell Moore, Jewels Smith

06 Jan2015

Black. Phoenix. Tribute to My Parents on their 31st Anniversary

Body on the Cross. Body on the Ground.


Even as we undertake the task of defending our community from outside harm

The task of both immediately…

26 Sep2014

Heartbroken for my people

Black bodies
RED streets
Black bodies
WHITE police.
Black bodies
BLUE bruise

20 Sep2014

Nov 1st: North Park University

6th Annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference

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